Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal that applies hot wax to the skin and hair.  Once the wax is sufficiently bonded to the hair the wax is quickly ripped off the skin using a piece of paper, cotton or muslin that was adhered to the wax.  

Waxing is recognized as one of the fastest, but also a painful ways of removing hair.

Waxing can be done to virtually any part of the body.  However, the more sensitive the part of the body, the greater the intensity of pain. 

Waxing is typically done in a salon by an aesthetician.  The results the client experiences are directly linked to the experience and training of the aesthetician.

Unfortunately, waxing does not stop the mechanism of hair growth like electrolysis.  Following the waxing procedure, blood rushes to the area treated and starts the healing process for the follicle.  Once healed, hair grows back in the same follicle, oftentimes thicker than before.

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