Tweezing, also known as plucking, is a method of hair removal that uses tweezers to grasp the individual hair and pull it from the hair follicle.  Plucking is one of the most popular methods today for a person to remove unwanted hair from the brow, chin and upper lip.

The main advantages to plucking, is that it is private and low cost.  A man or woman is at their leisure, and in the privacy of their home to work on themselves.

While plucking has its place, it is still limited.  Like waxing, laser, and  shaving, plucking does not stop hair from growing.  It simply strips the hair from the follicle, leaving a healthy follicle to re-grow hair.

Tweezing is also limited in the area that a person can effectively treat.  Areas of the body that have a significant amount or of hair or are very sensitive are not easily tweezed.  These areas include the neck, breast, back, under arm, bikini line, legs, or Brazilian line.

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